South Georgia, January 2006, it was raining that day and most people had left to go back to the ship, a low cloud was hovering just above the colony, the noise of the gentoos was echoing around the valley along with the occasionally growl from the distant elephant seals and fur seals that occupied the beach. A very surreal atmosphere.
I was lying down at the side of Gentoo colony at Moltke Harbour, wet, camera in hand and as content as you could be. A Gentoo family was a few meters away going about their daily busy, this was composed of the kids getting up to all sorts of playful antics while the parents kept an eye on them as well as the neighbours, who loved trying to steal small twiggs or grasses that made up their home, but while of course taking every opportunity to steal a twigg or two themseleves when their neighbours aren't looking.
One of the parents came up to me, looked me up and down for a while considering, 'what is this strange looking creature in front of me’, decided that I was no threat or just boring, they picked up a bit of dead grass a few inches away from me and proudly walked off back home with the bit of grass is held tightly in their beak.
Since then I’ve had many similar close experiences with an array of wildlife and it is for these moments I love doing nature photography, having that one off experience which is just between you and a wild animal, learning how a species lives and getting to understand their personalities.
For me, photographing wildlife is about trying to capture special moments, capturing their personalities and that quirky behaviour that makes you smile, the interaction between parents and child, the environment and conditions in which their lives.

Art Of Decay
During my travels I’ve always come across things rusting or decaying away, whether at the side of a field, in a forest, on the bank of a river, all around us things have been left to rust and decay. 
Most of these items are ignored and passed by without a second thought.  But is there an artistic side to some of these items.  My Art of Decay project explores this concept.
The more I have got into the project the more I started actively seeking out locations where amazing rusty items live and have travels both to Sweden and the USA in search for these items.

Mark Webb is a UK based photographer

This web site shows a selection of these images which I have taken over the years 

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